"Lash GOLD mascara foam (non-washable) 48ml


Why is "Lash" NOT a mascara for eyelashes ?

1. Developed on ecobiological principles, ultra-pure composition, no additional fragrances, no soaps, physiological pH, no alcohol, pH level of 5.5 (as for the skin), produced in the European Union.

2. The 99% removes dirt and make-up (even waterproof make-up) - far better than most products on the market.

3. No need to rinse - it does not leave a greasy film that can compromise the retention of eyelash extensions.

4. Contains a premium antiseptic - Centrimonium Bromide (used only in professional cosmetic products), which effectively prevents the growth of harmful micro-organisms. p.s The foam stays in place for ~1.5 minutes (longer than other non-rinse foams), making it more comfortable and cost-effective.

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